//Portrait Therapy: Package 1

Portrait Therapy: Package 1


Initial consultation, 6 x Portrait Therapy sessions (approx. 1.5 hrs per session, est 9 hrs total) and one 10″ x 8″ portrait.

  • Initial consultation
  • 6 x Portrait Therapy Sessions
  • 9 hrs Portrait Therapy (est 1.5 hrs per session)
  • 10″ x 8″ portrait

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Initial consultation, 6 x Portrait Therapy sessions (approx. 1.5 hrs per session, est 9 hrs total) and one 10″ x 8″ portrait.

Nine hours of one to one portrait therapy.

A collaboratively designed 10″ x 8″ inch oil painting of yourself.

Initial consultation
During the initial consultation we will meet to discuss your needs and how portrait therapy might address these. This will be our opportunity to see if we can work collaboratively together, and for you to ask questions about the process. During this session I may ask you to complete an initial assessment form.

6 x Portrait Therapy sessions (approx. 1.5 hrs per session, est 9 hrs total)
During the 6 portrait therapy sessions we will meet at a mutually convenient, quiet and confidential, location (either your own home, my studio, or another neutral venue).

During the first session, I may ask you to complete a short creative Button or Lego Task for which no artistic ability is required. These tasks help people to talk about their self-identity disruption and the underlying causes.

During the second session, I may ask you to bring to the session photographs of yourself at different ages and at turning points in your life, and then discuss these in the session. The aim is to decide upon the story behind the portrait you would like me to paint of you, and all the other elements that make up the portrait. At this stage an initial “Statement of Intention” is negotiated, which describes the portrait you would like me to paint. These negotiations may continue into the third session.

During the third session, I will bring along any sketches/collages/prose poems I have created around ‘Statement of Intention” for the portrait, or to reflect back any of the stories of self-identity you have told me in previous sessions.

During the fourth & fifth sessions, I will bring along photographs of the portrait and we can discuss how it is progressing and any changes your would like made to it. I will also bring in any further collages/prose poems/sketches and we can discuss these and what they reflect about your sense of self-identity.

During the sixth session, I will bring along your completed portrait, and any of the supporting work made into a booklet. We will then discuss these and I will sum up the work we have done together. I may also ask you to complete and evaluation form, although this is optional.

10″ x 8″ portrait
The 10″ x 8″ inch portrait will be co-designed by you to ensure it best reflects your sense of self-identity. It will be painted in high quality oil paints on a gesso primed MDF panel. Other media are available, and all the available options will be discussed during the portrait sessions.

These prices do not include frames. Once the portrait is complete a bespoke framing service can be offered by clicking here to contact Susan to discuss your requirements or you can buy one from the shop by clicking here or view them below. Please be sure to select the correct size and colour of frame required for your portrait as these cannot be rectified once the order has been processed.

Portrait therapy sittings can be arranged at the studio in Swindon or at the sitter’s home or workplace. An initial meeting will be arranged at a suitable location/or via Skype followed by the rest of the sittings.

Travel costs for areas outside a 25-mile radius of Swindon will be extra and charged on a per mile basis of £0.40.

Postage and Packaging
Portraits will be hand delivered to the local area of Swindon, postage and packaging costs for outside the Swindon postcode area will be applied at checkout to the cost of £25.

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